Friday, February 6, 2009

Cross Country To Our New Home

We got to Tennessee on Wednesday night. We left San Marcos on Saturday night and made a few pit stops to see family. We stayed at my step dad's house near LA on Saturday night. We got to see my step dad and my sister, Sherrie, that I haven't seen in quite a few years. We also got to meet her son Nicholas. Then on Sunday we drove through a bunch of cold and nothing and made it to Gallup, NM where we spent the night. Monday we continud our long trek and finally made it to my sister's house in Oklahoma City at almost midnight. We spent Monday night with her and then all of Tuesday too. We spent the night again on Tuesday. We got to meet her growing family. She now has three kidos, two boys and one girl, Keira, Caleb, and Elijah. They are all really cute. As we prepared to leave Caleb mentioned that he didn't want us to go and that he would take his house and drag it next to ours so we could be neigbors. We left OKC on Wednesday afternoon and arrived in Memphis, TN that night.

The trip wasn't that bad. Just LOTS of driving and LOTS of nothing to look at. Will and I pretty much drove alone because we each took our own car. To pass the time we called friends and family and planned how we would paint and arrange our new home. Allie and Nicki both did great. Allie slept most of the way only waking to inform us that she was hungry. Nicki enjoyed the cool weather and relaxed in the back of Will's car as we drove across the country.

We saw our house for the first time yesterday. It is a cute yellow house. It needs to have some more work done on it but should be ready next week. We are staying in a motel for a week while the house gets finished up. The motel has a kitchen in it so we can cook and don't have to spend extra money eating out.

It's cold! We are doing ok though. My sister bought Allie some warm clothes while we were in OKC and she is doing great now. She had absolutely no warm clothes coming from California. We're all going to have to adjust to the cold weather here in Tennessee.

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