Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Oh No Reflux!

Over the past few months Allie has been a little difficult when it comes to drinking her milk. I've taken her to the doctor because of this and they all said it was probably just teething. Well it has become increasingly difficult to get her to drink any milk whatsoever. I have come to dread feeding her. It should not be such a difficult challenge to feed my daughter.

I called the doctor again on Monday. We got to see a different doctor this time. When we got there the nurse took her weight and in the past 3 weeks Allie had LOST 9 oz. I knew something wasn't right and just needed someone to listen. Well, after talking to the other doctor she told me that she thinks Allie has reflux which can also be silent reflux. Silent reflux is when she only spits up a little or it goes up but she swallows it and it goes back down. My poor baby has been in pain and not wanting to drink because it hurts. The doc said it was probably due to her prematurity. She told us that the valve that closes her stomach off from her esophagus was probably a little loose and still working on tightening up. She was surprised that no doctor had done any studies on her and caught it before.

Allie was prescribed some medicine to reduce the amount of acid in her tummy. She was given Ranitidine and takes it 2 x a day. It's peppermint flavor and she loves it. I'm so happy that she takes it without a hassle because she hates every other medicine she's ever had. She even spits out Tylenol and Motrin. On Monday Allie only drank 9 oz. and yesterday there was an definite improvement. She drank 16 oz. That's still not as much as she needs but I'll take any improvement.

We go back for a follow up in 2 weeks to make sure she is gaining weight and drinking her milk.

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