Friday, July 24, 2009

Allie's First Birthday!

Allie turned one on Wednesday, July 22, 2009. I've been looking for a park with baby swings and finally found one. So to celebrate we brought her to the park for the first time. She got to ride the swings and she really enjoyed herself. She squealed with delight as she swung back and forth. We also let her try out the slides. At first she had no reaction. But, once daddy took her on the big slide her eyes lit right up with excitement.

After the park, we brought her back home and let her open up presents from the family. Of all the things she got her favorite thing she wouldn't put down was the number one candle that was supposed to go on her cake. She was also quite fond of the noise makers we got her... the kind that you blow in and the paper tube rolls out and makes a noise. She thought the noise makers were really silly.

Once all her presents were opened we changed her into her new bathing suit. We laid out a table cloth on the front lawn and brought the cake and ice cream out there. We were trying to prevent a nasty mess in the house and thought the front lawn would be a better place to have cake and ice cream strewn about. Anyway, we sang Happy Birthday to her and let her dig in. She loved her cake and ice cream. Her favorite part was the ice cream, she couldn't get enough. Once it seemed like she had enough fun with the smishing and smashing of cake and ice cream we brought her in and gave her a bath.

Then, we gave her some milk and let her calm down. Finally, we capped off her afternoon with a nice long nap. She slept like a baby, no pun intended.

Overall, her birthday was lots of fun. We wish we could have shared it with more of our family, but still had a great afternoon. We love you all.

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